Who we are

Logo Jatus

The distribution company JATUS, has several products that ranges in several areas: anti-intrusion system, fireprevention, video surveillance, home automation.

JATUS provides consulting, control and planning services; makes use of cutting-edge partners to ensure effective and efficient operations. Our company provides a qualified staff to trouble shoot whenever our customers may incur.

The constant and continuous care of the needs of the technician is helped not only by the best qualified national and international products, but also of a trained and qualified technical and commercial staff, ready to meet the increasing technological and competitive challenges that the market requires.




In order to assist fully our customers, and always offer the best available solutions, Jatus invests in human resources, advanced methodology for the distribution and market research.
Our organizational structure is functioning, flexible and efficient and is divided as follow:

  1. administration
  2. logistics
  3. technique
  4. commercial
  5. marketing
  6. distribution

and the bridges among the area are so flexible that the structure can be continuously adapted to changing market demands.


Our mission

We made competitive, innovative and high quality systems and components: we work for a transparent communication with the customers. We directly manage the customer service aiming at providing a higher expertise, timeliness and overall service.