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"Cloud computing" refers to a collection of technologies that allow, typically in the form of a service offered by a provider to the customer , to store, archive and/or process data (via CPU or software) through the use of hardware and software resources distributed and virtualized in a network with a typical client-server architecture .

Leveraging the technology of cloudcomputing users connected to a cloud provider can perform all the se tasks, even through a simple internet browser.

They can, for example, using a remote software not directly installed on their computer and save data on a on-line mass storage prepared by the same provider (using both wired and wireless networks).


The system of cloudcomputing involves three different factors :

  1. Service provider (cloud providers): provides services (virtual servers, storage, full applications) generally in accordance with a "pay-per-use ";
  2. Customer administrator: he chooses and configures the services offered by the supplier, usually by offering added values such as software applications;
  3. End customer: he uses the services appropriately configured by the customer administrator.


In particular cases, the client administrator and the end user may coincide. For example, a customer can use a storage service for backing up their data, in this case the end user will configure and use the service.

Cloud Antitheft

Thanks to the new cloud computing technology, JATUS users will be able to perform all operations with any type of device and anywhere they are, using all kinds of platform, even an Internet browser, and accessing at any level of the system: system management (END-USER), technical support (INSTALLER), system supervision (SECURITY COMPANY), technical support for installers (DEALER).

The GOLD series now includes the new JatusCloud service, which integrates both the intrusion system management and the visualisation of images from the video surveillance system. By means of any device - PC, tablet, smartphone - the customer will be able to access the functions of the system and easily manage activation scenarios, control , view the last events and the operating status of every component.

The cloud system by JATUS includes two possible access modes:

2. END-USER management

C. management via ANDROID or IOS APP;
D. management via INTERNET BROWSER; 

- total activation; 

- partial activation; 

- deactivation; 

- phone calls reset 

- mute control for sirens 

- user management 

- area status 

- video control 

- event log 

- diagnostics 

- zone status 

- zone management

The Installer account is a new service available for professional installers through the SyCloud Platform. Thanks to this account, the installer will be able to manage the diagnostics and maintenance of their customers' systems in complete autonomy. In a growingly connected and constantly evolving world, it is fundamental to provide all customers with state-of-the-art technology. With the Cloud service, installers will be able to monitor their customers' systems at all times. Their personal account will allow them to view system's diagnostics, GSM/GPRS status and status of a smoke generator from the JT-SMOKE series, if any. 

3. TECHNICAL management 

  • Centralization of multiple systems; 

  • Supervision for each one of the systems; 

  • Possibility to enable remote support via Jatuscloud; 

  • Dynamic IP management without any previous setup.

In some cases, administrator and end-user of the system can be the same person. For example, the user can make use of a storage service in order to create a backup copy of their own data; in this case, it's the user who configures and uses the service. 


Jatus Millenium visible on the internet via the Cloud Free

Jatus Millenium Version 5 supports the "cloud" system: you no longer need to configure the router, is our nvr the internet can easily connect.

Without having to configure and open doors in the ADSL router , without having to activate the DYNDNS subscriptions simply fill in the setup of the NVR Jatus Millenium Gateway field and decide their own domino ( USERNAME.jatuscloud.it ).

JATUS provides a free " cloud " system , with guaranteed service !